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At our clinic and hospital, we will provide you with mouth cancer treatment in Aurangabad through some of the general surgeries mentioned below:

Primary tumour surgery

With this type of surgery, we will remove the tumours through the mouth or by an incision in the neck.


It is the complete or partial removal of the tongue.


It is a surgery related to mouth cancer in the jawbone.


We will remove a portion or complete a rigid plate with this surgery. Hard plate refers to the bony roof of the mouth.

Sentinel lymph node biopsy

With this type of test, our mouth cancer specialist will detect the spread of the cancer beyond the oral zone.

Neck dissection

With this surgery, we eradicate the lymph nodes from the neck.


Reconstruction surgery fills the gaps after the tumour surgery or replaces the portions of the jaw, palate, tongue or lips. We do the reconstruction surgery by removing the healthy bone and the tissue from the other body parts or areas.

Mouth cancer therapy at Dr Girhe’s clinic

Our mouth cancer specialist will offer mouth cancer treatment in Aurangabad through the fusion of surgery and various therapies. It will also include:

Radiation therapy

In radiation therapy, intense beams of energy destroy the cancer cells. Such a process hampers the growth of the cells. But, after diagnosing your over all mouth health, our mouth cancer specialist may fuse radiation therapy with various other treatments.

Targeted therapy

During such a treatment for mouth cancer, we use drugs and various other substances to destroy the cancer cells, but in such a process, we will not hurt the normal cells. We do such a cancer treatment with monoclonal bodies. These are immune system proteins made in the lab.


During chemotherapy, our mouth cancer specialist at Dr Girhe’s clinic will use anti-cancer drugs to destroy the cancer cells. With this, we will also do treatments on other parts of the body that have an impact because of chemotherapy.


We will strengthen your immune system for tackling mouth cancer during such a treatment. Such a treatment is also called biological therapy.

Post-mouth cancer treatment at Dr Girhe’s Clinic

Our mouth cancer specialists will provide you with mouth cancer-free treatment in Aurangabad once the mouth or oral cancer treatment is over.


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