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For many years, metal braces were the sole option for the adults and children needing orthodontic treatment. But at Dr Girhe’s dental clinic, we will also provide you with other braces. These include ceramic braces, Ivsilagn or clear aligners.

With time, there has been much advancement in the techniques of dentistry. But metal braces are still an option in popularity. The metal braces are not just small, but the comfort level is also high.

We glue the metal braces on the teeth. With the help of the wires, the teeth gently shift to the desired alignment. We will also place the colour ties on the braces for the little children.

We have multiple colors to select from. These colours are the rubber ties that can hold the wires in brackets.

Consultation at Dr Girhe’s Clinic

During the first visit for the braces treatment in Aurangabad, we will take the digital scan, X-rays and photographs of your teeth. After reviewing the records, we will commence the course of treatment.

We will decide on the option for metal or other types of braces like clear aligners or Invisalign. Whether you select metal or clear braces, we will place the braces on that day or during the next appointment.

Clear braces treatment in Aurangabad

The prime constituents of the clear braces are the medical-grade plastic with moldable tendencies. These will fit over your teeth. Such aligners will operate by putting a little pressure and will guide the teeth to the proper position in a gentle way.

At the dental clinic of Dr Girhe, we will provide you with a series of clear aligners. Each one will have an amount of active in-built movement. Each aligner will push the teeth close to the expected positioning.

How do we do it?

We will digitally design the smile by making a 3D virtual teeth model. We will fabricate the aligners to match the prescribed dental movements.

You will get the aligners in a couple of weeks. Generally, it takes four weeks. To track the progress, you must regularly come for braces treatment in Aurangabad after an interval of eight to twelve weeks.

Clear ceramic braces

Clear braces are an option if you do not want a smile with metal braces on. Instead of silver, these are tooth-coloured. These blend with the colour of the teeth.

Braces Treatment Cost in Aurangabad

When considering braces treatment in Aurangabad, the average cost typically falls between ₹25000 to ₹50000. However, it's crucial to understand that the actual cost may vary based on factors like the type of braces, treatment duration, and individual dental needs. Consulting an orthodontist is recommended for an accurate assessment of the treatment cost.