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Paediatric treatment refers to the treatment procedures for kid’s dental problems. Kids do not understand what is good for them and what is bad. They do not understand the need for any kind of treatment. The only thing the love is to be at a place where they feel comfortable. We have designed our clinic in such a way to make it very comfortable and welcoming for the kids. Our staffs are also well trained and are very friendly with kids.

What paediatric dental procedures are performed at our clinic?

Starting right from tooth filling to extraction to pulpectomy to orthodontic treatments, we perform every treatment that can be done for a child. If your kid has any sort of dental problem, be it a blackened tooth or a toothache, without any second thought, bring him/her to us. We assure you the best dental care for your child at our clinic.

Why are children so much affected by dental problems?

One of the hardest things to make your child do is brush their teeth twice a day. Moreover, children are more prone to dental problems because of their food habits as well. In general, children tend to eat more junk food which is a very good culture source for bacteria. These food particles stick to the teeth, if not cleaned properly. The oral bacteria act on them and cause damage which leads to formation of caries and other dental problems.

How to take care of a kid’s dental health?

It is very important to make your kid brush twice daily. Kids do not need anything other than that. But if proper cleaning is not done, it may lead to caries finally leading to toothache.

How long does it take for a kid's dental treatment?

The treatment time period depends on the procedure that needs to be done. The time might vary from a few minutes to multiple appointments over months.

If you are worried about your kid’s dental health, you can visit us anytime and get all your queries answered by the best dental surgeons in the town.