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As the cosmetics enhance your beauty, in the same way cosmetic dentistry enhances the beauty of your teeth. Your teeth is an indispensable part of your beauty. To make you more beautiful, we provide every cosmetic dentistry procedures to present you with a flawless smile.

What cosmetic dentistry procedures we offer at our clinic?

We offer every kind of cosmetic dentistry procedure in our clinic which includes cosmetic crowns and bridges, cosmetic inlay and onlay, laminates and veneer, smile designing, cosmetic tooth replacement, cosmetic tooth fillings, cosmetic bonding, instant tooth whitening, bleaching and tooth-coloured restorations.

Cosmetic crowns and bridges are offered when the absence of your teeth is affecting your appearance. In that case, we provide crowns and bridges that are exactly of the same color as your natural teeth and will complement your beauty.

Cosmetic inlays and onlays are done when there is some abnormality in the anatomy of the tooth or there is a cavity that needs to be covered up. Cosmetic inlays and onlays beautifies your teeth.

Laminates and veneers are basically an artificial covering over your teeth to make them look perfect and flawless.

In our clinic, we also offer digital smile designing which is a software-guided procedure in which, the software will produce smile lines suitable for your face and it is up to you which one you desire to have. According to your choice, we start the procedure one by one.

Cosmetic dentistry involves many procedures which are performed according to your requirement. While some may need a smile designing, others may need a crown and bridge treatment. So, the choice of procedure is dependent on the condition of your teeth and how you desire to look.

Instant teeth whitening is offered at our clinic which will give you a set of sparkling white teeth in just 40 minutes.

We even provide tooth-colored restorations so that the filling is not seen. We use composites, a tooth-colored material, to fill your teeth which camouflage with your natural teeth and to looks perfect.

We are a one stop solution to all your dental problems. Be it toothache or beautifying your smile, we are there to help you out.