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Sometimes, the root end of our tooth becomes infected and swelling can be seen over the gums. In such cases, apicoectomy becomes the treatment of choice.

What is an apicoectomy?

Apicoectomy is a minor surgical procedure to remove the tooth root or a portion of it. By this process, only the infected part of the tooth root is removed.

What is the need for an apicoectomy?

Our tooth root has a root canal. If there is any trouble with the root canal, the dental procedure to take care of that is known as a root canal treatment. If the infection lies beyond the root canal but within the tooth root, apicoectomy is done to remove it.

So, basically apicoectomy is needed where root canal treatment won’t be able to cure the infection.

Is apicoectomy a painful procedure?

Apicoectomy is a minor surgical procedure and it is done under dental anaesthesia. So, you can be assured of a painless treatment. Not just during the surgery, we also take care of all your post-operative needs. We keep our clinic very much sanitised which reduces the chance of any kind of post-operative complications.

Moreover, our surgeons are highly skilled and we can thus assure you the most comfortable and best surgeries in our clinic, as compared to the similar clinics in town. With the help of our eminent dental surgeons and the latest equipment, we have managed to become one of the best dental clinics in town.

What is the procedure of apicoectomy?

To perform an apicoectomy, the surgeon needs to make a small flap on the gingiva, at the region of the infection on the root end. Then, with the help of curettes (dental instruments), the infective portion is taken out. After that, the cavity is filled with a biocompatible material. The flap is again restored and sutured at the original position.

Are root end surgery and an apicoectomy the same thing?

Yes, root end surgery, periapical surgery and apicoectomy are synonymous.

Is there any alternative to an apicoectomy?

An Apicoectomy is performed only if root canal treatment won’t be enough to remove the infection. So, the only alternative to an apicoectomy would be the removal of your tooth and later on getting a replacement for the same.

Is apicoectomy a successful procedure?

Yes, an apicoectomy is a very successful procedure and a very common procedure as well.

Be it apicoectomy or any other dental procedure, we assure you the best treatment from the best doctors in town. So, without any further delay, get in touch with us and get rid of all your dental problems.