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Basal Implants  

In basal implants, we use modern systems related to implantology. In such a technique, we use the basal cortical part of the jawbones to retain the dental implants. The design is made to accommodate the areas of the basal cortical bone.

At the clinic of Dr Girhe, the basal implant provides an acceptable quality of cortical bone for retaining. Such implants are in the category of single-piece implants. In such an implant system, the abutment and the implant are bonded to a single piece.

In such an implant system, there is less chance of implant failure. We offer basal implant treatment in Aurangabad for the following cases:

  • If your multiple teeth are missing and these need the removal
  • In case of the collapse of the bone augmentation or the implant replacement
  • In case of a severe deficiency of the bone

Some other cases

  • You may also need the basal implant treatment if there is no option for equal bilateral mastication.
  • If you have certain medical conditions like a stroke or a recent myocardial infarction.
  • If you are taking cancer medications or any type of drug that inhibits the clotting of the blood


  • The implant load is transferred securely to the free basal bone. In the conventional implant, there could be a bacterial attack.
  • In the case of the basal implant, the implant surface is polished. Due to this, the chance of peri-implant infections is less.
  • In such an implant, we require the alveolar bone of the patient. There is no requirement for bone augmentation. Even after decreasing the vertical height, all patients have an excellent quantity of basal bone.
  • A good quantity of basal bone also reduces the duration of the treatment.
  • In the case of the basal implant, we can do the immediate loading. As a result, you do not have the edentulous phase, and there is no requirement for immediate dentures.
  • With such implants, removal and placement of the implant are accomplished in a single appointment. Our specialist for basal implants in Aurangabad can do it even if there is a periodontal infection of the teeth.


  • There will be a compromise in aesthetics where you replace a single tooth.
  • The dental surgeon should have excellent know-how regarding anatomic tooth structure.

Cost at Dr Girhe’s Clinic

After analysing all the oral parameters, we will tentatively finalise the cost for the basal implant treatment in Aurangabad.