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Crowns and bridges are a permanent cure for your missing teeth. it is a non-invasive procedure. At our clinic we offer one of the finest crown and bridge treatments.

What exactly is a dental crown and bridge?

As a bridge connects to ends of a road, in the same way a dental crown and bridge forms a bridge between two teeth, otherwise separated due to a middle tooth in between them. The missing tooth region becomes the bridge and the adjacent teeth on either side are used as a support to that bridge. The adjacent teeth are cut down to accommodate a crown each and the missing tooth is replaced by a crown as well that acts as a bridge.

What is the process of getting a dental crown and bridge done?

A dental crown and bridge treatment will require 2 appointments to complete. On the 1st appointment, the teeth taken as a support are trimmed. Then the full mouth impression is taken and send to the lab for making the crown and bridge. On the 2nd appointment, the crown and bridge is delivered by cementing it onto the supporting tooth structures by means of dental cement.

What are the types of crowns and bridge available in our clinic?

At our clinic we offer ceramic crowns and bridges, PFM (porcelain fused metal) crowns and bridges, zirconia crowns and bridges and Emax crowns.

The choice of the material is partly your wish and partly the one most suitable for your tooth condition. All these crowns are of high quality and are done in a very sophisticated manner so as to exactly replicate your natural teeth.

Dental crown and bridge is by far the best solution for each and everyone who has missing teeth. It looks like your natural teeth and functions like one too. Most importantly, it is completely a non-surgical procedure. For those who want a permanent teeth and yet not ready to get an implant because of the fear of surgeries, dental crowns and bridges is the treatment of choice for you. For any further assistance, we are available for you 24*7. You can call our helpline or visit us anytime and get answers to all your questions.