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Dental Implant  

To simplify it, dental implants are little titanium posts for replacing tooth roots. These posts make a solid bond to the jawbone, and our dental specialists do the capping with the crowns that look natural.

Dental implant treatment in Aurangabad makes a big difference in the lives of individuals with such oral concerns. We do such procedures at the dental clinic of Dr Girhe with precision surgical techniques. We do this with top patient care using the components of quality.

Restoring Functionality and Aesthetics at Dr Girhe’s

Dental implants provide a significant benefit in case of the tooth loss. You may have lost one or more teeth, but dental implants in Aurangabad offer complete functionality and restore your natural smile.

Dental implants also provide you with all the health benefits you have with natural teeth. All this makes these replacements of perfection. Because of the high success rate, such implants are a top choice for replacing missing teeth.


  • Dental implants hamper the potential effects of the changes in the facial structures. With single and multiple dental implants, we prevent the bone loss because of teeth extraction.
  • It happens due to the lack of bone support because of teeth loss.
  • Implant-supported crowns have a natural resistance to decay.

Dental Implantology at Aurangabad

Since the previous decade, dental implantology has become a crucial area in mainstream dentistry. Such a procedure is an ideal solution for replacing the missing teeth. Such a procedure is life-changing for the individual.

Procedure at Dr Girhe’s dental clinic

Our dental surgeon will fuse the dental implants straight into the jawbone. It is an effective procedure because of the strong bonding with the natural bone. It makes the well-built teeth replacement technique.

The implanted screw will hold the teeth replacing the bone. The implanted screws become a stable foundation for your required teeth. In some instances, we replace the complete set of teeth. Such a procedure is a great solution.

Single-tooth dental implant

Single-tooth dental implants are composed of the biocompatible materials. The jawbone grows around such implants and amid the ridges. Such a process fuses them like a natural tooth.

Multiple teeth implants

The process of multiple teeth implants is like the single tooth implants. With such dental implants in Aurangabad, we offer an alternative to the dentures and bridges.

Cost in Aurangabad

The dental implant treatment cost in Aurangabad will depend on the oral condition. Our oral surgeon will tentatively finalise the price after checking multiple parameters.