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Are you fond of dental Jewellery? Would you like it if a small diamond sparkles when you smile?

Well, you can now have it all. Visit our clinic and get yourself the dental jewellery of your choice.

We decorate ourselves the way we love to. We put on cosmetics to look beautiful. We wear jewellery to brighten us up. Therefore, when it comes to our teeth, we can decorate them too.

How can I get a dental jewellery?

You can visit our clinic and ask for a dental Jewellery. We will offer you the different varieties available and then we can put it on your tooth, the way you like it.

Is dental Jewellery a permanent thing?

No, a dental jewellery is not permanent. It is just attached to your tooth by means of an adhesive. You can remove it anytime you want.

How long does a tooth jewel last?

A tooth jewellery can last from 1-6 weeks if it is of the temporary type. You can also get a semi-permanent tooth jewel which will last until you want it to be removed.

The sole purpose of a dental jewellery is to beautify your teeth. Just as you can wear and remove your Jewellery whenever you want, same is the thing with your tooth Jewellery.

What is the cost for getting a tooth jewel?

A tooth jewel can cost you something around 5k. It depends on the material used. Dental jewels made from crystals might be cheaper as compared to diamonds.

Is dental jewellery harmful for the teeth?

No, a tooth jewel does not harm the tooth. The jewel is attached to the tooth without making any changes to your tooth structure. It is just attached to your tooth using dental adhesives. So, it is absolutely harmless and can be both easily attached and removed.