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Earlier, losing your teeth meant getting a denture to replace it. Dentures are the most common and most primitive methods of replacing missing teeth.

Dentures are mainly of two types: complete denture and partial denture.

A complete denture is given to a patient who has lost all his teeth and a partial denture is given in case of a few missing teeth.

With the latest advancements of dentistry, now dentures are also available in various forms. In our clinic, we provide flexible complete denture, removable partial denture, full denture, cast partial denture, flexible partial dentures, removable dentures, denture repair and immediate dentures.

According to the requirement of the patient, the type of denture is determined.

A flexible complete denture is a set of full teeth embedded in a flexible material. Earlier dentures were only made of polyacrylic. They are hard in consistency and sometimes hurt the jaw. With the flexible dentures, there is no scope of hurting one’s jaw. Moreover, it fits perfectly onto your gums, making the denture look just like your original teeth.

What is the procedure to get a denture?

To get a denture done, you have to visit twice. On the 1st day, our surgeon will examine you and take a full mouth impression. The impression will be then sent to the lab to make the denture. On the 2nd day, the denture will be delivered to you and you will be told how to use and maintain it.

A denture is still the most cost-effective form of replacement for your missing teeth. But a denture has its own disadvantages. The main and probably the only disadvantage about dentures is that it is removable. You have to remove it from your mouth every night, clean it and again wear it back the next morning. You have to brush your denture separately and keep in a cool storage place. If you maintain your denture, it can last you very long.

Immediate dentures are a special kind of denture that is inserted on the same day. You come to us after losing your teeth and go back home with its replacement.

Dentures are still considered as the 1st line of treatment in case of missing teeth. if you want to know more about dentures or any other dental procedures, feel free to contact us or visit us and get all your queries answered by the best dental surgeons of the town.