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With the latest techniques in dentistry, we will fix your teeth in three days or seventy-two hours. Even if you do not have a single tooth in your mouth, we will do this for you.

You do not have to wait for months like you used to in the case of continental dental techniques. With the method of cortical dental implants, we will do the fixed teeth in 72 hours in Aurangabad for you.

A successful technique at Dr Girhe’s clinic

If you have three or four missing teeth, our dental specialist will fix your teeth on the same day. If you have diabetes or an atrophied jaw bone, this will be a successful technique.

Types of dental implants we offer:

  • Bicortical or basal implants
  • Conventional implants

Basal implants

With the help of basal implants, our dental specialist will do the fixed teeth in 72 hours in Aurangabad for you. In the case of basal implants, we will use the basal cortical portion of the jaw that is hard the retention the implant.

Speedy implant in 72 hours

For the speedy fixture of the implants in 72 hours, our dental surgeon will use the bicortical implants and screw these into the hard cortical bone. One of the most significant benefits of such a technique is that you can immediately resist the forces of chewing the food.

This type of technique operates on the principle of osseofixation. In this procedure, we follow the method of the orthopaedic surgeon. In such an implant, we put screws in the soft portion of the jawbone. This is unlike the conventional dental implant, which takes around six months.

Bicortical dental implants- fix teeth in 72 hours:

  • Conventional dental implants will take six months to one year because of the various surgical procedures involving bone augmentation and grafting. Bicortical dental implants involve a single operation. We will fix the prosthesis within 72 hours, and the individual will be able to eat immediately.
  • With the fixed teeth in Aurangabad in 72 hours, we eliminate the requirement of the provisionals or the temporary dentures.
  • Basal implants will save the cost of multiple procedures like bone augmentation, bone grafting, sinus lift, etc. Such methods will be bypassed in the case of basal implants.
  • Bicortical dental implants work in complex medical and dental conditions as well. Some of these are:
    • Atrophied jaw bone
    • Sinus in the implant path
    • Diabetes
    • Cancer patients
    • Fractures of the jaw
    • Patients with immunocompromise and more
  • Fast placement in the extraction sockets
  • Works even when bone situations are unfavourable
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Beneficial spread of the masticatory forces

Appointment at Dr Girhe’s clinic

You can call or email us for an appointment regarding fixed teeth in 72 hours in Aurangabad.