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Oral and maxillofacial surgery is one of the most important yet challenging branches of dentistry. At our clinic, we have the best oral surgeons to take care of any surgical procedures.

We perform every surgical procedure such as normal extraction, surgical extraction, third molar extraction, periapical surgery, TMJ Arthroscopy, biopsy, dentoalveolar fractures, sinus lift procedures, dental implants, pterygoid implants, alveoloplasty, oral oncosurgery, trigeminal neuralgia surgery, maxillofacial trauma, zygomatic implants, sinus augmentation, ridge split surgery, piezosurgery and treatment for orofacial pain.

Now, let us know what these procedures are about.

Let us start with extractions. What actually is a normal extraction and what is a surgical extraction?

We all know that extraction means removal of your tooth when it can no longer be preserved. A normal extraction is when your tooth is properly aligned and is clearly visible and doesn’t require removal of flap or any surgical intervention in order to take out the tooth. A surgical extraction means, the tooth requires some additional surgical procedure to be removed. A third molar, being the last tooth to erupt in the mouth, often causes pain. The only option that remains then is to remove it. Since, it mostly remains embedded within the gum, the tooth is not visible and requires a surgical extraction.

But, with the help of the best oral surgeons in town this procedure becomes totally painless and trauma free.

Periapical surgery is required when there is some infection in the periapical region of the tooth. It includes making a small flap in the periapical region and cleaning the infection followed by suturing it up again.

TMJ Arthroscopy is a keyhole surgical procedure by which the doctor can see what is wrong in your TMJ. Sometimes there is unbearable pain in the TMJ region which may be due to some torn cartilage or some other reason. TMJ Arthroscopy is the way to find it out.

A Biopsy is a minor surgical procedure in which your surgeon will take a small portion of your lesion and send it to the lab for further evaluation. A Biopsy is mainly done to know if a lesion is cancerous or not.

Dentoalveolar fractures due to any kind of maxillofacial trauma are a very common occurrence due to accidents. At our clinic, we have the best surgeons for fracture management.

Sinus life procedures are needed if you have a massive bone loss due to any underlying disease. It is a surgical procedure in which the bone loss in the posterior portion of your upper jaw is covered up.

Now, let's know a bit about dental implants . They are actually permanent replacements for your missing teeth! It is a procedure by which an artificial tooth is fixed into your jaw as a replacement for your missing tooth.

Alveoloplasty is a prosthetic procedure to reshape the jaws for cosmetic rehabilitation.

Our clinic also has eminent surgeons to treat your oral cancer . Oncosurgery is something that we specialize in.

Our clinic also provides the best surgeries for trigeminal neuralgia and any other kind of neuralgic pain.

We are also renowned to perform piezosurgery, ridge split surgery and sinus augmentation procedures with success. All these processes are done in order to make the surgical procedure less traumatic and more successful.

We are a one-stop solution for all your dental problems. We have on board with us the best dental surgeons to serve you with utmost care and perfection.